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The focal point of EP’s program of maintainable cultivating is to help ranchers in ranch efficiency upgrade through logical cultivating, ranchers preparing, horticulture esteem chain improvement, and so on. Program has been developing in scale and degree year-on-year.

Till now, EP has enrolled 2750 ranchers in Tijara Block from Alwar locale and help them to improve their homestead profitability by receiving current and logical cultivating. EP sustains and persuades ranchers to receive best practices through presentation visits to horticulture foundations, Kisan Vikas Kendra (KVKs) current homesteads and so forth. Ranchers have been consistently taken to introduction visits to places like IARI Pusa-Delhi, Agritech Fair – Gurgaon, neighborhood KVKs, Grewal ranches and so forth. EP encourages visit collaboration with maintainable cultivating specialists to handhold, guide and address ranchers issues and questions.

EP caused more than 1550 ranchers to make soil wellbeing cards, and 1030 ranchers have been prepared in soil wellbeing the executives, utilization of right seeds, bother the board, chance relief, stockpiling of produce, and natural cultivating and agriculture cultivating and so forth 640 ranchers have been secured under use of seed venture.


Plant a Tree forever( PTFL): END POVERTY is advancing agriculture cultivating under the brand name “Plant a Tree forever” to improve the salary of little ranchers in a manageable way. Program is actualized in Tijara square of Alwar region of Rajasthan, India as agriculture cultivating is the best arrangement towards practical cultivating as it expends less water, gives more returns, needs less work, improve the neighborhood condition and family nourishment. To advance maintainability and decrease water utilization in cultivating, EP is helping ranchers to differentiate from field yields to agriculture crops.

Till now , EP has disseminated 40,305 natural product saplings to more than 749 ranchers in 70 towns. The natural product saplings incorporate Guava , Lemon , Sweet lime , kinoo ,Pomegranate , Black Berry , papaya ,JackFruit, Ziziphus (Ber).

To additionally bolster Tijara ranchers that develop foods grown from the ground in deals and promoting of their produce at serious costs, End Poverty has shaped a Fruits and Vegetable Producer Company “Dinker Agriculture Producer Company Limited” to help little and minor ranchers in Tijara this year with a reason to improve ranch profitability, effective worth chain advancement and giving business sector linkage along these lines killing the unimportant merchants who frequently misuse the ranchers.

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Dairy cultivating is a critical financial action. In any case, the dairy esteem chain is pervaded with insignificant go betweens without many composed players to obtain the surplus milk, and ranchers are abused at each stage. Salary from dairy cultivating is critical to continue the family as landholding in the territory is little and pay from farming isn’t sufficient to take care of the family.

EP has secured 7,518 ranchers from Alwar and Jaipur locale of Rajasthan and Mewat area in Haryana. EP is supporting the ranchers in by giving preparing on present day dairy cultivating rehearses, and getting the best hereditary qualities to improve their animal variety and guide them about adjusted nourishment.

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EP propelled the Shwetdhara venture in the Jaipur region with help from IDFC First Bank .The primary goal of the task is to improve the variety in the proposed zone and the exercises completed to accomplish the undertaking targets incorporate manual semen injection, treatment, feed and grain administrations, and supply of feed added substance and enhancements. During FY 2018-19, EP prevailing with regards to enlisting 3206 ranchers from 64 towns of Kishangarh Renwal square and Pashu Vikas Kendra, Boraj of Mauzmabad tehsil of Jaipur locale. 2 Pashu Vikas Kendras have been set up, every one of which is covering 32 towns. 64 ladies have been prepared as Gram Sakhis to go about as a connection among rancher and EP’s group of specialists including Veterinary Doctors, Agriculturists.

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EP structured and propelled another skilling program Unnati basically for young ladies who have passed class 10 and are needing employments. The undertaking was propelled in February 2017 with the help of Xceedance Co.

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To achieve the venture targets, EP tied-up with the NIIT Foundation to prepare the understudies in an organized prospectus and have licensed affirmation. Young people from numerous towns, for example, Bhondsi, Tikri, Teekli, Badshahpur, Maruti Kunj, Aklimpur, and so forth from the Gurgaon region were assembled for the Basic Computer Course.

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End Poverty’s work on ladies’ monetary strengthening is showed through its Ajivika Craft Center Program running since 2010 in Tijara towns. The program has been co-planned and changed over the period with visit input and commitment with the member ladies, potential markets, structure organizations and different foundations in the art division

Ajeevika Craft focuses set up at the town level are completely furnished with mechanized machines, bolster unit and important furnishings/installation to prepare the provincial ladies of Tijara Block to deliver attractive items. The brand for showcasing items made by these ladies has been named ‘Tijara Craft’ .The focal point of the program is up-skilling and preparing recipients in improving their cutting and sewing aptitude, item completing abilities, frill creation, and so on. Focus facilitators are prepared to smooth out activities of ACCs, item plan and advancement.

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Items like various sorts of packs, pockets, pad spread, table cloths, quilt,rachis, frill, carefully assembled writing material and so forth are being made by these ladies and advertised to win additional pay. Installment is made straightforwardly to the lady recipient on month to month premise.

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