Why PUBG Is So Famous In All Over The World

Why PUBG Is So Famous

We can’t state that PUBG is unique in light of the fact that there have been a ton of games dependent on this fight royale style. The fashioner of PUBG, Brendan Greene says that he got his motivation from the film Japanese film “Fight Royale”. A portion of the likenesses to this game is the film “The Hunger Games,” and different games, for example, “H1Z1: King of the Kill,” “DayZ” and so on.


In any case, since there are a great deal of games, films and stories out there, the vast majority of the things are immersed. Presently, as of now what makes a difference is that, how they are introduced to the crowd and whether they can associate with the them. This decides the achievement rate right now games. Some are remarkable.

PUBG is a non-Valve game on Steam to have the most number of players. It isn’t at all an ordinary marvel to overwhelm CS:GO(Counter Strike:Global Offensive) and Dota 2 which are top of the line games on Steam by an Indie Studio. Yet, PUBG had made it conceivable. It had shown us again that, “Nothing is incomprehensible” and had in excess of 5 million duplicates sold at the hour of composing this. It made a colossal achievement while it was still in it’s initial access.

Ongoing interaction

There will be 100 players alongside you. You will jump on the plane and you must be dropped in an island. Furthermore, underneath is the guide wherein you will play. My psyche gradually floats towards Hunger Games which chips away at similar mechanics.

Ongoing interaction

In the wake of parachuting down from the plane, you need to plunder things since you will have nothing in your grasp. There might be issue if there are individuals on the edge of the guide and they don’t meet. To maintain a strategic distance from this circumstance, following a couple of moments a circle will rise and you must be inside the circle and it will begin diminishing dependent on schedule. On the off chance that you are outside the circle, at that point you will free your wellbeing. So right now objective is to plunder and to be the sole survivor. You can play solo, couple and crew. Their advancement isn’t so incredible. Expectation they will amend that later on.

Their weapon style was amazing. You have to loot parts of the weapon to have the most accuracy. For eg. You have to loot the suppressor, red dot sight, scopes etc. They don’t come with the gun. This made the game so interesting. This will be good unless they do micro transactions. Does some one sneak in? Not EA, definitely not you. Grenades are also available.


They didn’t do any customary showcasing. They didn’t have enormous Titans in the shopping-shopping centers like Titanfall 2 did. Their primary technique was Double plunge advanced promoting. It implies they give the game to heaps of streamers for playing on their Twitch and Youtube channel. Since, streamers cherished that game a great deal, it spread among them and afterward made the different gamers and watchers purchase that. This was the best move that made PUBG this fruitful.


There were bunches of programmers in PUBG. This made the game very like CS:GO (Psssh! CS:GO is swarmed with programmers). There were speed hacks, point bot and much more.


Then again there was another issue and it was Stream Sniping. It implies different players watch the streamer spilling and knowing his area they murder him. Before long, it began loosing its engaging an incentive among streamers and others. They whined to Bluehole about this. Since, it was generally well known among streamers, Bluehole chose to take care of that. In this way, so as to destroy the programmers they chose to utilize against cheat framework called BattlEye, which naturally bans somebody who endeavors to utilize swindles like aimbots or different hacks, before they’re even ready to utilize them in-game. The bans are perpetual.

It bans like 6000 players for each day thus far they have prohibited in excess of 150,000 con artists. Yet, there was an immense issue once more. Indeed, even the individuals who didn’t cheat got prohibited due to shooting a streamer and they were restricted under stream killing. Overnight its negative surveys arrived at its pinnacle. That is the reason I could never shoot a streamer.

This made PUBG get a lot of negative reviews. So it stepped down from Overwhelmingly positive to Mostly Negative. But it’s sales didn’t stop. People where buying then too. I was really shocked. It became the game with many negative reviews on steam to be the most played game on steam. After that it’s reviews became Mixed.

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